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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I've long been a dark chocolate fan - to the extent that I refused to eat any form of milk chocolate. I did soften that stance a bit after discovering Pierre Marcolini, Neuhaus and Nutella/Ferrero. Still, for the most part I avoided milk chocolate - certainly anything American in origin.

I was in England a little while back and - harking back to my childhood - I couldn't resist picking up a few Cadbury bars. It's a tussle between my palate and heart. The former says 'this is shi*' - the latter still finds pleasure in those wildly evocative bits of raisins and nuts in the Fruit&Nut bar.

Still, as I clean up the last remaining bits of the bar sitting at my desk, I can't help but think how depressing the 'snap' of milk chocolate is - limp and pasty. With a truly good bar of dark chocolate, hearing and feeling the snap adds so much more to the experience. Oh well ..

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