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Thursday, March 06, 2008

blame it on sydney

Sydney is to blame for Sydney - so says JRod.

"The test series was fine, then Sydney came along, Australia started claiming one hand one bouncers, Bucknor found out Roy was his long lost son, Anil Kumble lost his frame of reference, Bhaji and Roy danced orally and Ishant Sharma “accidentally” got his gloves confused."

The funniest cricket blog ever!!!

Over the past few days, I've gotten addicted to cricket and I'm struggling thru the withdrawal symptoms now that the australian tour is over. While I was trying to fight off my hangover, I ran into this blog though and it is the funniest thing I've come across on the web.

The jokes are very cricket specific and very few are not obscene/objectionable or about cricket.

Here are some gems:

This guy is a big Dave Hussey fan. You should sign this petition to show your gratitude for this.

"Hussey has been humping at the selectors legs like a horny Labrador for years now."

About Gilly's neverending farewell tour.

about James Hopes:
"Its not Jimmy does, or Jimmy tries, its Jimmy Hopes, and as we all know they spring eternal."
"And yet you grace life with a fore head so low your eyebrows get nervous."

about sehwag:
"Virender Sehwag – bats like a dude who will fu©k anything. Doesn’t matter if he hits or misses, just likes to get laid a lot."

about mike hussey:
"is a robot sent from the future to destroy us."

about Kallis:
"has the rare ability to suck the fun out of cricket to such a degree, you wonder how hard it would be to use a sniper rifle."

about gillespie:
"The amount of effort that went into every ball, some times at delivery it looked like he was giving birth to twins."

about mark nicholas @ a CA presentation ceremony:
"Amazing that Mark Nicholas can still stand and talk, all the blood is rushing to his trousers at the moment."

about lisa sthalekar:
"Lisa Sthalekar got female player of the year award for the second year running. Heard her speak recently, she speaks very very well, much better than pretty much any male player. Also I feel she is rather attractive. Wonder if she is gay or taken."

about nathan bracken:
"He looks like the transvestite off Silence of the Lambs, and the deteriorating nature of his campness is the over-riding impression. Note how Harbidjan has never dared pat him on the botty."

about johnson:
"How Johnson keeps bowling the most overs in a day is amazing, he must have soft hands in the change room."

about the adelaide pitch:
"Mind you this is a extremely flat track, even flatter than Keira Knightely, more like that dude from hedwig and the angry inch."