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Friday, November 09, 2007

Sista saves my skin


Having been at the receiving end of two surprise parties the last couple of years, I was under intense pressure to deliver something 'special' for my joru's budday. Had I failed, I would've been at the receiving end of some serious guilting attacks.

So, sista comes to the rescue. Manju ze cake chef made zis amazing cake - both in looks and taste - and overnighted it in time for mi lady's private little bash. It was brandy soaked layers of rich chocolate, pecans and some form of gluten(I think) - then it was rolled up, sliced and frozen for transport.

Though she found it sweet, Aparna was at a loss trying to understand why it had to be mailed from Denver. It could've been ordered locally right? Well .. she didn't know that that point .. so she positively started to become teary eyed when she came to know Manju actually made it. To rub it in, I also disclosed that Manju did a practice run before perfecting the recipe a day before she actually sent it.

All in all, M saved my day .. made Aparna's .. and we pigged out on what little was there of the cake.