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Monday, March 26, 2007

Leni Riefenstahl

Funny extract from an article in the the Times. When I was a kid (and even now), I always stared wide-eyed at images of endless lines of Hitler's forces and the aura around him. Leni was responsible for making 'Triumph of the Will'. She was considered one of the most talented film-makers but having sided with the Nazis, she could never shake off the tag of a sympathizer. Still, a fairly interesting life.

She made it as a star because she was good at climbing rocks. There was a whole genre of German movies about clambering around daringly at high altitude.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'll second that ..

A beautiful article on echoing my views and articulating them far better.

As an Indian, I would like India to win the World Cup. But it might not be such a bad thing for cricket if they were to be knocked out in the first round. Cricket needs a reality check. It has an unhealthy, and unsustainable, business model that relies primarily on an increasingly delusional and one-dimensional fan-base. The bubble has to burst for a semblance of sanity to be restored. We must learn to once again enjoy cricket as a game.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Let them live ..

Saturday the 17th of March 2007, was St. Patrick's day. Not that I cared much about St. Patrick's day. No .. I'm condemned to teetotaler-ism in spite of my frequent and mildly committed attempts to get some alcohol into my body.

On that day, India were soundly beaten by Bangladesh in the world cup prelims. I couldn't get my mind around it. I mean, this was only the second match that I saw live since arriving in the United States in 2000. The first was the 2003 Final. I regretted it .. as did many others and took a while to get over it. I was seriously depressed or I'd like to say as much.

Getting back to 17th March 2007, it also happened that unfancied Ireland upset Pakistan. Now, every Indian cricket fan would take solace from that fact. Pakistan was knocked out of the tournament. It was an unreal feeling. I tried to look at it as a positive .. as did many others I'm sure.

It all changed the next day. The Pak coach, Bob Woolmer died that day in his hotel. Diabetes .. stress .. drinking .. they said. My mind cried 'foul murder' but none of the newspapers substantiated that thought. It receded. I felt pity for the man and guilty for having enjoyed the misery of the arch rivals state of affairs.

Today, I read the following report and I felt sick in the gut. If he was really murdered, I can't forgive myself and I will most definitely find it *very* hard to enjoy watching a game of cricket ever again in my life.

Passions may run high, money may have been lost, egos may have been hurt but for God's sake, it's a game. It is only a game. A guy who devoted his life to TEACHING it (Gururdevo Bhava) did not deserve this fate. I pray for him and his family and that there was no foul play.

I write this with tears welling up in my eyes. I'm ashamed of the entire subcontinent and it's so called LOVE for the game. It's madness. We need another outlet for whatever it is that eats us. Spare the cricketers. What's eating me is my own part in this. I never tire of quips about my depression and disappointment whenever we lose. Why? What is the point? What did I ever gain when my team won?

I've had it! I'll be a sane follower of the game or better still, quit following it.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pics of the new home

Aparna and her Mom found my efforts at portrait photography a little too funny it appears!

Here are some pictures I've been taking over the last couple of weeks of the new place. I still haven't figured out how to take pictures of rooms with the lens I have. I would've loved to have an ultra-wide for the master bedroom. For now, this should do.

The front


The weekend weather was spectacular. Here's a shot of Aparna in the dying evening light. I love that tone.