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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Prestige

I saw the movie 'The Prestige' today. Excellent movie! It showed me why I was so much more satisfied watching this as compared to 'The Illusionist'.

But that is not the subject of this post. Today for the second time in my life, things jumped off of the screen into my reality. Let me explain. Back in 1999, when half my batch at the IIT hostel were intently watching a scene in 'The Mummy' that involved an earthquake, we actually felt tremors. I kid you not, there was a real earthquake - harmless, but real. It was the ultimate in movie experience - we lived it!

Most of you already know that 'The Prestige' is a movie about magicians. While I was watching the movie, I got a call from Aparna (who is traveling currently) and I spoke to her for a while. Just when I was hanging up, the ceiling fan in the living room of my new house started to turn. I could feel a chill going up my spine. As I kept looking, the light attached to the motor housing started to blink, fading on and off - like lazy disco lights.

If you are expecting an 'and-my-cousin-jumped-out-of-the-closet-with-the-fan's-remote-in-hand, I'm sorry. Truth is, I was freaking out - for good reason. I tried to remain calm and walked up to the switchboard with as much of a devil-may-care attitude that I could muster and switched it off. And that was that.

Freaky, eerie, spooky .. you name it, I felt it. As I sit typing this up in my bedroom, there is a part of me that is still freaked out. But hey, it's out on the net. Who reads this anyway? Who am I kidding?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Some pain is Mental .. Some physical .. but the one that is both is Dental

That line is from an Ogden Nash poem that is probably the only poem that I ever appreciated in my life given my meagre poem-appreciation abilities. I even tried reading a book called "How to appreciate poetry" - needless to say, that didn't help much.

That apart, I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday. I was a bit nervous heading into the procedure. I've never had any reasonably big dental procedure performed on me till December 2006. I got a deep cleaning done to protect my teeth from possible root canals.

Back in my grandfather's dental clinic in Hyderabad, I remember a few patients tearing the airwaves in pain from something that was being done on them. I always thought injections in the mouth would be super painful.

I was wrong. The local anesthesia I was administered for both procedures was quite painless. It hurt a lot less than an injection to the arm, say. The numbing effect they produce is quite great too. All I felt was pressure as my teeth were being dug into by the dentist.

The extraction was simple for the top two teeth - my dentist pulled them out within a couple of seconds. The lower ones though were a different story. They had to be broken into segments and then extracted. It felt like my mouth was the site of some major construction work. The left one was particularly stubborn. I demanded additional local (anesthetic) because the felt something near my chin line. The damn tooth was growing that deep because of lack of space in my mouth. Well, eventually, a small part of the tooth (2mm in length - I was told) remained in my jaw. Right now a side of my face is swollen up but I'm hoping this will benefit me in the long run.

A word about my dentist. This guy looked like an offensive linesman. However, he was surprisingly sympathetic towards me and quite careful in making sure I wasn't experiencing any (major) discomfort.