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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


The hangover from the weekend lasted long ... Long enough for me to buy complete ski gear. Yes, I now have Skis, Boots, Poles in addition to my pants, gloves and goggles. The delirium is because I was in them just a few minutes back - in my hotel room, in my boxers and t-shirt.

I spotted this shop on Av. Las Condes on my way back from El Colorado this weekend. I dropped by the next day to take a look at their inventory. They seemed nice enough and the prices were really good. The store owner Hector offered me my choice of skis (w/ bindings), boots and poles for $400. That seemed like a nice bargain. Being suspicious by nature, I went to a couple more stores nearby and checked that these were very good prices indeed.

After talking to brother-in-law, fellow ski aficionado and colorado resident Pramod, who declared that $400 for Rossignol stuff is quite good, I decided that I'll buy 'em if they fit me. They did fit me well - though the skis were a few cm longer than what I'm used to. But they are beautiful - and I should grow into them steadily for the next 2-3 years.

For sure, the gear is probably from 2004 or earlier but it was unused and I liked the guys at the store. They spoke as much English as I did Spanish but we got along. Customers who spoke English acted as translators. One of them was a Doctor who was particularly helpful. Turns out he had been to India. One of the reasons I did buy from that shop was because of it's clientele.

On other fronts, I'll be back in Atlanta this Friday and will remain there for the next 5 weeks. Thinking of taking Spanish lessons. Any recommendations on what is the best way to do that (would help if it was affordable as well)?