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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Partly Arranged, Mostly Love

I've been putting this off long enough. I'll conveniently blame Aparna for that. Truth is I have little time to do much else. For what its worth, here's our story in pictures. I have too many of them.

Primary Target: Aparna
Occupation: Consultant
Location: St. Louis. Lives with her sisters family.
Confident, smart and ambitious. Least interested in getting married anytime soon. I had my work cut out for me.

Meet Shreya her impossibly troublesome and equally cute niece.
I had to get past Shreya first. I knew very early that if I scored with her, I could take out the principal target.

Evidently, I wasn't getting very far (in spite of my brave face).

Meet Sekhar, her brother-in-law.
We share our first names and also a love for carroms. I knew I had him in my kitty that night we played till 3am :-).

Was she warming up to me? I thought she was being polite. Couldn't mistake that smile to mean anything .. atleast not then.

Help from unexpected quarters
Anu, her sister, had a vested interest in seeing aparna getting married. Dealing with Shreya was enough. I was more than a willing bakra. But frankly, we do owe a lot to her.

The day I proposed
The Setting: Sunset at Creve Coeur park in St. Louis.
The Answer: Yes.
Hell, she had to melt. I was down on a knee for God's sake when I popped the question.

So Happy together
My much celebrated drive to St. Louis. You can see the dodge dakota in which I drove back to Atlanta.

Proud Parents?
Just Kidding. Thats Shreya. I think I just pushed my luck a little too far. I'm gonna get the long end of the stick for pulling this one ;-)

Together at Stone Mountain, Atlanta.

There you go folks! Not too many words I hope. The marriage is less than a month away. Those of you in Hyd/Bangalore or anywhere close, PLEASE PLEASE do come for the wedding. You can always drop me an email at dilwinATgmailDOTcom.