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Sunday, September 04, 2005

My long weekend's a blast ..

How can it be? Its not over yet for people who are actually having a good time. I'm under house arrest this weekend. I won the lucky draw this past week to be on pager duty for our wonderfully stable product. So far, I've been bothered very few times by less than irate customers. No really, the customers were quite cool about reporting their problems - and seem convinced I knew my mass from a blackhole. Either our product works very well or the warehouses are closed for the long weekend. I'd put my money on the former but hey, I could be wrong. That's it for my cribbing. I'll be put out of my misery tuesday.

Anyways, it's been a long time since I've posted and I attribute it entirely to my good old friend - inertia.

So, the wedding (my sister's, not mine) went very well. It was a short and sweet affair with about 200 guests on the actual day of the wedding. But God, I wish I got to see more of the wedding. If I ever help out in another wedding to the extent I did this time, I'll wear a mechanic's overalls. It's just not the time to wear your best outfits to show off. You got to run (for the coffee; from people who want coffee at 6am in the morning. Never underestimate the need for caffeine at 6 in the morning), you got to invite (folks .. for lunch/dinner/breakfast), you got to fight (with the wedding hall managers .. bastards won't give an inch), and did I mention running?

.. and did I mention Tirupati. Behold me at my devout best ..