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Thursday, August 25, 2005

back to bad food & good roads

Got back last Sunday after a frenetic two weeks. The jetlag is slowly wearing off and I've mustered courage to actually put a few words up here. There's so much to write about .. the marriage, tirupati, family ..

For now ..

I'll miss:
mom & pop, home food, restaurant food, pani-puris, sweets, indian icecream, water cooler, cheap (and free) cab rides, breakfast, trains, stone temples, milkshakes, sports coverage, movie audiences, suit tailors, fabindia, indian gals, kurtas, shirts & trousers, shoes, haircuts, open windows, concrete walls

I won't miss:
the roads, traffic, unpunctual people, autos, slow internet, jewellery shopping, movie sound systems, the cars, mineral water, jeans, indian airports

sustain me oh lord .. cause I got so much to say.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

week of get-togethers

.. and I thought I couldn't possibly meet any more people in bangalore. I met so many old friends and made as many more new ones. Still, thanks to efforts from Kingsly and Arora, we put together some last minute reunions.

The first one at Casa Piccola featured St Pauls alumni - Anshul & wife, Parag, Kingsly, Avinash and yours truly. Kingsly took pains to make sure no one knew who else was coming. Now, normally that wouldn't be a problem. However, when people are meeting after almost 10 years, they can be forgiven for not recognizing their old pals. Parag took a while to get into his groove and provided most of the entertainment. Avinash, who actually grew a full foot after leaving high school heaved a sigh of relief after correctly recognizing the rest. Of course, none of this would have happened had it not been for King Lee.

The other one a few days later came about at Tandoor on MG Road with a good number of folks from the class of 2000, IIT-G. This place serves awesome food. I mean it's not every day that you shell out enough money to disburse your entire semester expenses (oh, those good old days) and still feel great about it. The evening provided pleasurable company in the form of Mr & Mrs. Meel, Mr and Mrs Item :-P, Arora, Clint, Giri, Sahu, Shariq, Vivek and Dhingra. After the party, I even got some good old bums. For once, there was an upside to clint's inertia. I remember being at the receiving end (and I'm sure Ghosh would more than anyone else) of some pretty formidable kicks from him. I guess Dhingra was the only guy who hasn't changed one bit. A special thanks must go to the missuses for having graced the occasion and sitting thru a lot of peurile IIT G talk that we just can't seem to get away from.

There was also a small party at Annachi's, a chettinad restaurant for the MA crowd. featuring Mustafa, Karan and Gangadhar. Boy, was the food hot. It was also delicious - particularly the Egg Appam, Dosa and Parupu Payasam.